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Cryptography Engineering's goal is to

provide unbiased security evaluations and

expert witness testimony as well as best in

class product design to boost the security of

your technical infastructure, be it small or a

large organization.

We design solutions tailored specifically to

the needs of your business in order to ensure

you exceed your customers' expectations.


Product Development


Founded by Dr. Matthew Green, Cryptography Engineering provides  expertise in security technology. We are conversant with the security technology needed to create systems that comply with industry standards and can be adapted to future needs. 

Security Evaluation


We provide in depth analysis of security systems at all stages of the lifecycle, from concept to post-deployment.  We work to identify and analyze all security risks and help understand the probability of system breaches. We find the back doors before the enemy does.


Expert Witness


We provide expert testimony, source code review, prior art search and analysis, assist in claim construction, write expert reports, and generate courtroom exhibits.

Security can exist in an insecure world. We have the skills and the knowledge to make it happen.
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