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Consulting Services

Dr. Matthew Green has over 15 years of professional experience in product development and security evaluation. He worked at AT&T Labs as a Senior Technical Staff member and has founded and served as CTO of three other companies specializing in security evaluations, information security and cryptography. Because he is at the forefront of academic research in the areas of security and cryptography, he is able to detect vunerabilities and develop solutions that ultilize industry leading best practices to ensure his clients' products are able to withstand even the most determined attacker.


Product Development


Dr. Green considers all aspects essential for optimal security design, including:

  • Threat modeling
  • ​Overall system architecture
  • Access control and data protection
  • Key management
  • Cryptographic protocols
  • Formal modeling and security proofs
Security Evaluations

Dr. Green conducts independent reviews of the security infastructure of preexisting products and networks, be it your own product or a third party product that you are considering purchasing or partnering with. 


He evaluates whether your information is sufficiently protected and whether it is possible to breach the security barriers in already place. He review:
  • Trust boundaries
  • Data flow
  • Network entry points
  • Architecture review
  • Crypographic protocols
  • Source code review
Dr. Green's security evaluations detail key infrastructure vunerabilities and potential threats to your product or network. If requested he can provide custom solutions and/or work with your IT staff to help implement changes that will strengthen and protect your network or product.


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